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At Dash deals we understand that one of the most important aspect of online shopping is that you can feel assured that your payment details and other sensitive personal information is secure. We therefore do our utmost to guarantee you the highest level of online shopping security.

Data Handling Security

We use Digital Security Certificates provided by one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide - Comodo. Digital security certificates are used to verify that your sensitive data (such as credit card details) supplied during the checkout and payment processes on our site are very securely encrypted in transit. The data is encrypted using SSL encryption so that if someone somehow intercepts the data, they will only be able to view it in a completely garbled form.

You can verify that the data is being encrypted and is safe during the checkout and payment stages of ordering from Dash Deals by the small padlock icon or key icon that appears in the status bar on the bottom of your browser window, and the web page address starts with "https://" - this indicates a secured webpage.

Also all payments made to Dash deals are through Paypal, the most trusted way to pay online, with over 164 million accounts worldwide in 190 countries.

Website Identity Assurance

We provide Comodo ID Authority to constantly validate that our site is secure and has a valid SSL certificate. You can check the credentials of our site at any time by clicking on the Comodo icon at the bottom of your My Cart box; the details should match those on our About Us page.

Furthermore, Dash Deals holds a website identity assurance warranty of $50,000 with Comodo. This means that you are insured for up to $50,000 for misuse of your credit card details resulting from unauthorised interception of data at the fault of Comodo.

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